Loredana Novotni on ´´The Fashion Brewery´´

    Un articol despre mine,  despre colecţia mea de masterat, SACRED, şi despre colecţia mea de licenţă, SAILOR LOLITA , pe  ´´The Fashion Brewery´´. Click pe link pentru a citi articolul întreg.

      A feature about me and  my MA  collection SACRED and about my BA collection SAILOR LOLITA ,  on ´´The Fashion Brewery´´. Click on the link below to read the whole article:

´´Meet one of Romania’s emerging fashion designers. She’s got a flair for the unusual and manages to create her clothes based on compelling themes and historical research. Loredana Novotni is versatile and is definitely a person of interest. Rather it is her moody SACRED collection or her youthful ‘Sailor Lolita’ collection, Loredana manages to strike the right note. Why we HEART Loredana: She really knows how to experiment and is not afraid to take a risk. Her risks pay off because her collections are gorgeous, sometimes hauntingly beautiful, and always well executed. The Fashion Brewery presents one of Romania’s new stars… Get to know Loredana Novotni. Loredana Novotni fuses art with fashion with her new SACRED collection.``

´´‘Sailor Lolita’: Sexy on the High Seas

For those of you who may want to explore one of her lighter collections. Loredana Novotni’s Sailor Lolita collection is the perfect choice. It is fun, youthful, sexy, and charming to say the least. I LOVE this line because it is whimsical but also sleek and modern. Many of the items are ready to wear and I wish they were available in a US retailer. Loredana Novotni is a shinning star who will only grow brighter as her body of work increases.

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