Black is Modest and Arrogant..

                     My inspiration in this work is based on the symbolism of black in popular culture, and on the quote by Yohji Yamamoto, “black is modest and arrogant at the same time.”

               The concept of this work is rooted in the literary creations of the Romanian writers Camil Petrescu- ´´Jocul ielelor´´ and Mircea Eliade- ´´La Tiganci´´, works in which both have found inspiration and beauty in the contemplation of life and death in cosmic atmosphere. Dance is inspired by a cosmic symbolism: it mimics the planets dance around the sun, the vortex of everything that moves, and the search of divinity. In this context, dance is a perfect world, becomes a secret ritual. It can be a dance of death because man does not understand his destiny and the possibilities that is offered to him, to transgress his limited time. I interpreted the human condition in the world, and tried to incorporate these observations into this stunning designs.

                     Black means anguish, sadness, unconscious, darkness of the origins; it precedes the creation. Is a symbol of limited human destiny and leads us to the essence of what it means to be a human. The desire to articulate the interconnections of the universe and our place within it is a specific human need, need that we have in common with our most distant ancestors.

               I also uses elements of Romanian folk creation, and the process for making her work was completely manual.Compositional, I was inspired by Picasso's work-´´La Blouse Roumaine´´ and by the silhouette of Cucuteni statuettes, but also by works of arts as those of Kate McGwire and Federico Diaz.

The materials I used were lace, cotton yarns, mate and shiny synthetic threads and finally felt. Each piece of material was in a different shade of black.

                    My work explores the quality of black as being modest and arrogant at the same time. This was done through the dualism between matte and glossy, different tones of black, and by combining different materials, silhouettes and textures. 

                 The meanings of black in her work are: elegance, wealth, style, formality, conventionality, reliability, sophistication, power, modernity, mystery, anger, anonymity, rebellion, anarchism, unity, life and death.

Photo: Attila Soós (Pintohorse Photography)
Designer: Loredana Novotni
Model: Andra Bob
Make-up & hair : Mihaela Luca
Assistants: Horvath Zoltán, Bethlendi Tamás

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